June 25, 2009

New graphical engine!

Posted in Computer Graphics tagged , , , , at 9:28 pm by sagito

Yep, it is now official… I’m working on a brand new game engine! Why another, after the Enoch saga? Because Enoch lacked lots of features, like a visual editor… I mean, it was just a bunch of code, that althoguh very functional… Was quite useless for anyone who didn’t wan’t to understand lots of code…

So, learning from my mistakes (and I mean a whole lot of them), I’m now back to business! And at this point, I’m committed to get something that really works, and this time, for once… It will become a game… Or I will at least give my best to ensure that it will! 😀

I will be posting some engine related stuff here, so keep visiting! 😛 And now I should have some more time as I twisted an ankle and I cannot really move, so be expecting quick updates… 😉



  1. Marta said,

    You twisted your ankle and dragged yourself slowly to The Lions Fountain… Ah, the joys of St. John…! 😉

    • sagito said,

      Oh, holy St. John! 😛 I’m better now, I can barely walk, but at least I can now move by myself… xD However, no driving and no running yet… 😦

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