July 3, 2009

3D Model Loading

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Hi all! 😀

After a small time without posting anything, due to an exam which happenned today, I’m now proud to say that the Conspiracy Engine is already capable of loading  three-dimensional objects from the CMF format defined below. It still does not try to load neither textures nor materials, but the geometry is already being properly loaded!

In the past, I have tried to create a mesh from a format other than .X and I failed because I just couldn’t get access do an ID3DXMesh* vertex buffer correctly. Either the data was scrumbled and corrupted or the mesh would just not grant me access to the buffer. This time, I tried to adopt a different system and I created the mesh with different pool and memory flags. Apparently, this did solve the problem! 😛 However, I’m still looking forward to see if that really stands when I try to put some animations within!

I will be posting some screenshots very soon! The Conspiracy engine is now getting really solid and robust. I could even say, that even in such an early development stage it already is more robust than all of my Enoch engines all together!

So, what is it needing now? From my perspective, mainly two things… A scene file loader, which takes a file and builds a scene from it, and a graphical editor. This graphical editor should be a tool that would let me import new things into the game world, position stuff, create AI routines, etc… Something like all real engines have! And I’m looking forward for the challenge of developping such a thing.

Will be posting news pretty soon, stand by… 😉


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