July 21, 2009

Passing everyone…

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Hi everyone… Today while reading some newspapers, I found a funny article about the education in Portugal. Apparently, some kid that frequented the eigth grade was constantly failing most of the disciplines that he had in that year (apparently he actually failed 9 in 14 disciplines). It is important to say that the kid has severe familiar problems and that this fact was pondered when the professors decided to… Pass him!

Ok, so let’s repeat this… There is a kid who failed almost everything he could fail and the professors decide to pass it to the next year! You can’t be serious… How far are we taking this game? Are we excusing the kid (who is actually also a victim of this case nevertheless) because it has familiar problems? I have problems, you have problems, everyone does! And just because we have problems,  the life gets it easier on us and we are able to pass through everything and everyone even if we don’t deserve it? I don’t think so…

The teachers attitude is irresponsible, to say the least. The kid is going to take a step he is clearly not prepared to, will feel out of place and perhaps even more frustated than if he had stayed in the 8th grade! Oh God, let’s please be real for a while… How is he ever going to make it through the life if the authorities are showing him that there is an easy way? For those of you who might be asking: I don’t know the rest of the problems that the kid have and I don’t care! Because I’m not against the kid, I’m against the teachers! I can’t help but feel sorry about the kid…

I feel sorry for this country, really…

You can read the whole article here (in Portuguese, but can easily be translated):




  1. This time I’ll answer in Portuguese:


    • sagito said,

      I agree, this was absurd! xD

  2. Filipe Lemos said,

    Teachers are not to blame on this one.

    The government has made changes on the education system that really forces them to pass everyone.

    But this is the tip of the iceberg of the new policies by the Ministry of Education.

    And the teachers complain, have been complaining, and no one cares about it, no one listens.

    Do you even remember the protest where 80,000 to 100,000 teachers came out on the streets (on a saturday) criticizing the new policies?

    It is an incredibly huge number, but people barely noticed anything.

    The policies are popular, parents and the general public like them. It makes kids look smart and our statistics improve while the actual education of children is degraded.

    Teachers keep complaining about these policies they have to follow or risk their jobs, and when they follow them who do people point the finger at?



    • sagito said,

      Hum, I agree with you in that matter… Teachers are being subject to some experiments from the government and are restricted to some rules and behaviours that are a huge overkill for that type of professionals! And of course, I remember the teachers strike in Lisbon, it was memorable!

      However, I can’t agree with this decision… It was completely taken by teachers, not by the government and for me it definitely is not correct to pass a student just because he has failed too many times and has familiar problems. It is a lack of responsability from those teachers who are failing to teach the kid how tough the real life is. Oh, but we must see this from another perspective too… Perhaps the teachers were not the only stakeholders in this decision as it seems to have its origin in the schools principal and that is an important fact to consider!

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