July 23, 2009

Physics of Conspiracy

Posted in Computer Graphics tagged , , , , , , , at 10:58 pm by sagito

Hi again! This time I dwelling through some unknown ground and finding some real big monster-problems as I go. I’m trying to create a physics engine for the Conspiracy Engine! Well, as some of you might now, the ideia behind a physics engine is to predict where will something be in a future moment! (Yes, we, the computer people can predict the future!).

For example, if I have a ball and I drop it from a tall building, I want to be able to predict where will the ball be after 1 second, after 2 seconds, 3 seconds and so on, so I can be able to draw it on the screen. And I also want to do this in a minimally realistic way, so that the ball doesn’t start to fall and comes back up or something. So, many laws must be considered here and all of those come from general physics. These are not my big problems, because fortunately, many scientists around the world have already documented those.

The biggest problems are integration and programming. The first one can be solved in three possible ways. Give up, which is never considered in my life; using the Euler method; using the Runge-Kutta 4 Solver. As I have read through some documentation, Euler has some huge mistakes and can easily lead to big problems in a short interval of time. Runge-Kutta needs some more calculations, but guarantees pleasant results! As Gaffer On Games says: “If you use Euler, then you are a bloody idiot!” 😀

The second problem is how to integrate this in an existing engine. This can be done either as a separate DLL (which I think its best) or within the engine itself. The last approach is probably the reason for many suicidal or depressive mental states. So, I’m thinking about creating a separate engine that is able to represent the physics laws and somehow connect both in order to create a nice realistic environment.

And meanwhile, I will keep you posted… 😉


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