August 9, 2009

Hollow People

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Some time ago, a very special person gave me a book from an author that I previously didn’t know anything about named Brian Keaney. The book was named “Hollow People” and it seemed to tell a very darkish story. However, there was something in the book that caught my eye. It had been commented by Philip Pullman (the author of “His Dark Materials” which is one of the best trilogy I’ve ever read)! After knowing this, I was quite thrilled about this unknown book.

The book tells the story about a boy, Dante Cazabon and a girl Beatrice Argenti, who live in a world in which people cannot dream. Dante is a poor orphan, who works as a kitchen boy in the asylum at the island of Tarnagar. Bea is the daughter of two rich doctors who work in the asylum. Their country is ruled by Dr. Sigmundus who banned crime and violence from its land by giving people a special drug called Ichor. Every adult must take its dose of Ichor which makes them obey to the rulers order, work blindly for the good of society and become unable to dream. The story starts when Bea is about to perform her maturity ritual where she will take Ichor for the first time, against her will. A short time before, she meets Dante, the poor kitchen boy, and their lives change after that moment, as they meet a strange patient and discover a strange form of power that can bend time and space.

The story is wonderful and belongs to a trilogy named “The promises of Dr. Sigmundus”. It is very well written and presents the reader with some amazing surprises every moment. In a world where nothing is what it seems, and based on some real-world scientific facts, the story is a challenge for our minds as it presents us the twisted story of the country of Gehenna. The second volume of this trilogy was already published, by the name of Gallowglass (or the Broken Mirror) and I’m already reading it too. So far it keeps the same level of ambience and atmosphere as “Hollow People”. These books take me back to the “His Dark Materials” trilogy as they represent a wonderful world, troubled by the actions of some dark force that if we think about it… Its not so different from our own!

If you like fantasy stories and romances, this book is the way to go… One of the best books I’ve read so far!



  1. Marta said,

    Drat! Now I’ll have to go and buy the books…! 😉

    • sagito said,

      They are really small! xD That’s the worst thing about them, the story is just awesome! 😉

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