August 3, 2009

Fallout 3

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Bringing you a new section in this blog, and as I finished this game yesterday, I’m posting my opinion on it today! Fallout 3 is all about atomic bombs and nuclear power. In a distant future, the united states were devastated by a nuclear war and pretty much everything lies in ruins now… Before the war, a powerful company named Vault-Tec built some underground, radiation-proof bunkers where people could live in the case of such a war happening, named Vaults (wow, surprise!). The story begins with the birth of our character which is followed by a (not so) brief tutorial until our avatar reaches the age of 19. At this age, our sweet daddy doctor runs away from the Vault where we were born and guess what… We must find out what happened to him…

Now, the box says that we have the freedom to choose our story… Well, I tried to do that, really did… If the character’s father wanted to go to hell, that was his problem! I wanted to stay in the vault… However after a short time, some dumb guards showed up and without further questioning just shot the hell out of an unarmed 19 year old boy, which obviously resulted in a game over… Ok, so I really had the freedom to choose! Either I pretend to be a good son and get out of the vault searching for daddy or I get killed because I was following the Vault’s rules and stayed there… Way to go, Bethesda studios!

A note to the VATS Targetting System: Brilliant! Loved the concept and it didn’t make the game any easier… Well, maybe a little, but I welcome such a system with great pleasure! Basically, for those who didn’t play the game, it consists in a system that stops the action during combat and lets the player decide where to point the shots at. The chances of hitting depend on your stats, of course, but it eases the pain of pointing and shooting when using a XBox 360. It was an innovative system that realy brought a nice feature to the game.

Anyway, the game has some pretty nice graphics, using great particle and lighting effects, specially during combat. Also, the quality of each death makes the game not only visually stunning but awesomely fun to play.  I kept going back to some of the metro stations just to shoot the head out of some Feral Ghouls. Also, the missions are not boring… When I thought they were getting repetitive then the game came out with something really surprising… And this reveals a kind of attention that I really appreciate in video games. However, there are some bugs that could have been easily corrected, but are not really relevant… The animations when playing in third person are so bad that I would prefer to hide my characted in some dark spot and throw three grenades to my feet then to actually play with this perspective… Nevertheless, the good guys at Bethesda gave us a first person view, which is awesome, so that bug is pretty much forgettable… A somehow serious bug happened when I arrived at Rivet City. I wandered around the boat for a while until I found a door that lead to the wrecked outside. At this point, collision detection below my feet just failed and I fell to God knows where… All I knew is that I was receiving 5 rads per second, wherever the hell I was! Of course, I ended up dying, but at least I should look like a beacon with so much radiation on my body. Final bug, (but I loved this one), the final boss… He was protected by some minor guards, which were easy to deal with as soon as I had my reliable plasma rifle. When I killed these guards… There was no boss! Where did he go? This was answered on top of the stairs… Somehow the bunker door closed on top of him, blowing him to smithereens! Pretty easy to kill! 😀

The overall game is pretty good… The story is completely forgettable and now that I think about it, its sort of a nonsense… Who the hell are the enclave? Why did I risk my life to get to my father after all? How the hell did that general survive to the intense radiation? What was the enclave doing in those labs? However, I must say that if we forget the story, this is really a great game and above all… Its fun as hell to play it! And isn’t that what matters most? 😀

So, here is my veredict:

Story: 3/5

Gameplay: 4.5/5

Graphics: 4.8/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Longevity: 4.3/5

Fun-niness:  4.9/5

Final Score:  4.25/5