August 7, 2009

Hacking a Mac…

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Hi everyone… 😛 This time I’m posting to bring you some useful information… If you have one of those 49$ external keyboards (not the laptop ones), then congratulations… Your computer is able to suffer the dullest hack ever!

Wait, what…? Apparently the external Mac keyboards micro-controller have some kind of firmware that leave room for the installation of rootkits and keyloggers by some hacker. Well, the operative systems are usually able to detect rootkits by several methods if they are examining the filesystem or a virtual machine. But how do you find a rootkit that is located somewhere else? Answer is: you don’t! These words are from “K. Chen”, the person who found this incredible failure in a computer security.

But does this only affect Mac’s? Well, as Mac loves to build software that is portable it works in every single operating system. The reason is simple… It is running over an external processor, that exists in the keyboard, with its own operating system that only sends characters to the other tip of the USB cable. So, all the computer can see is some bunch of data coming in and he puts it on the screen! I leave you with the video of “K. Chen” explaining and showing the actual hack. Also, you can find the original article here.