August 7, 2009


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Yesterday, I found by chance a new music band in Youtube called Bim! It is a quite small band yet, but I found it so very talented that I thought immediately about putting a little bit of their work here.

With you, “Stay in my memory” by Bim!

Also check out this other music called “The Magic of us”, also by Bim!


July 12, 2009

Burn my shadow!

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Hi again! I think my network is definitely back! 😀 I’m posting today a different type of music… Not quite the genre I prefer the most, but it is still a great music. However, my attention falls on the video which is absolutely amazing! The combination of music and video gives it a tense atmosphere that I find fascinating!

I think you will like it too… 😉 Unkle – Burn my shadow