September 4, 2009

State of the art…

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Hi everyone! I’m officially back from some great vacations, unfortunately… But these holidays have been filled with some great days of beach, sun, party and a lot of new friends! 😀

However, in both portuguese and spanish radios, there was a music that kept going on the air, called “The boy does nothing” by Alesha Dixon. Well, it became quite popular due to its jive-like rhythm. But lets pay a little bit of attention to the lyrics, shall we?

Well, it starts off with:

“I got a man with two left feet
And when he dances down to the beat
I really think that he should know
That his rhythms go go go”

Ok, so far not too bad, so she has a guy that cannot dance and she seems to be quite upset about it. At this point, I’m thinking that she just had one too many shots when she wrote this and she just couldn’t tell the difference between a man and an umbrella. Nevertheless, she repeats these wonderful artistic verses and goes directly to the chorus:

“Does he wash up? Never wash up
Does he clean up? No, he never cleans up
Does he brush up? Never brushed up
He does nothing the boy does nothing”

Girl, let me tell you something… If you are with a man that doesn’t know what water is, then you can’t be very clean yourself either! Besides, what in the world does that have to do with dancing? If the smell bothers you, then try closing your mouth, or don’t even breathe… 😛 At this point, my opinion about whoever wrote these lyrics are way beyond the excess of alcohol! xD

The song ends with these beautifully crafted pointless verses: “And if the man can’t dance he gets no second chance”. Maybe if you wash, and clean and brush (and possibly learn how to sing…) sometimes, maybe then you can ever get a second chance in the music world. 😛

Here is the song if you have never heard: